These additions can be booked with any spa service to create a treatment just right for you!

Headache Tamer – 40
Cool stones and aromatherapy complement this treatment for the head, neck and shoulders. Designed to ease and help reduce severity of both tension and migraine headaches. Includes a complementary Headache Zapper for home use.

Herbal Steam Canopy – 35
Relax in a soothing cocoon of herbal steam. Readies your muscles to receive massage and preps skin to absorb skin care treatments.

Abdominal Massage – 20
Warm compresses and soothing massage techniques help encourage healthy digestion.

Deep Feet – 15
A few extra minutes outside of your treatment time to try Ashiatsu barefoot massage.

Healing Plant Wax Treatment – 15
Rich botanical wax blend seals in moisture. Pamper your hands, feet, back, or face.

Hot Oil Scalp Massage – 15
A nourishing oil blend made just for the hair and scalp is massaged in with elements of Marma pressure points, Craniology and Craniosacral Therapy.

Hydrotherm – 15
Teach your body how to let go. Warm water filled “pillows” cradle your body helping to relieve the pull of gravity and maintain the natural curve of your spine.

Lip Polish and Hydrating Treatment – 15
Buff away flaky skin and hydrate to plump your pout.

Revitalizing Eye Treatment – 15
Custom mask and cool jade stone massage brighten your eyes and your outlook.

Bamboosage – 10
Warmed lengths of polished bamboo help to gently stretch muscles and connective tissues.

Cocoa Butter Nourishing Skin Treatment – 10
Pamper tired, itchy skin.

Masqued Ball – 10
Enjoy a calming facial mask during your massage.

Native Stone – 10
Basalt collected from ancient volcano beds near Lake Superior are heated in warm water. Their soothing heat allows for work on deeper muscle groups. Hypnotic and very relaxing.